The Shalom Community

The Shalom Community is a prayer community of lay volunteers who each bring their various Spiritual gifts and talents to serve you and the Lord.

The Shalom Community are:

  • Christians who have discerned a calling from God to come to Shalom House of Prayer.
  • Bound together by a desire and commitment to continue service under the original vision and charisms of Shalom House of Prayer and according to Gospel life.
  • A Lay community who are not a monastic or a third order community and do not take ‘vows’.
  • Respect the Shalom Community Rule.
  • In communion with the Catholic Church.
  • Living on site or can be living in their own homes.
All members are expected to attend regular community meetings and be available on most weekends to serve those who are attending retreats or events at Shalom.

Members of the community of Shalom can still have family commitments which have priority position. This movement between Shalom and family life does not compartmentalise or divide one from the other. Instead, the call to Shalom strengthens the living out of the gospel in all facets of life and acts as a witness to it.

If you are interested in learning more about Shalom or The Shalom Community Rule please feel free to ask any of our community members any questions or ask for a copy of the Rule.

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